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Cleatskins For Your Paintball Shoes

We sometimes overlook great products that aren't initially obvious to paintball. It makes their discovery that much more meaningful when this type of merchandise solves problems we face in this great sport. Cleatskins not only resolve a few common concerns, they also look completely trick.

If you're a speedball or woodsball player who wears cleats, Cleatskins are worth your attention. They're a shell you wear over the soles of your cleats. Wear your cleats like you normally would, but extend their usefulness by being able to wear them off-field too.

Why Wolfpack Likes Cleatskins

One of the tremendous challenges we face is how dirty our cleats become, especially playing on a wet field. Don't track the dirt from the field into your car. And, all those paintballs that you've stepped on are now at risk of being ground into your car's floor mats. Discover the easy fix by quickly slipping on your awesome looking Cleatskins and stop worrying about the mess.

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Have you ever slipped while wearing your cleats on concrete or other surfaces? Cleatskins provide the needed traction to safely walk when not on turf. Quickly slip them on when off-field and the internal grips keep them secured to your shoes so they quickly become a part of you. Now, your cleats won't get worn down while walking on abrasive surfaces and won't damage carpet or leave marks on flooring.

You'll free up some space in your gearbag by not having to pack a second pair of shoes. With Cleatskins you can wear your cleats to and from the field with no need to change shoes.

Cleatskins Pro

They're available in lots of fun colors(camo too) and sizes to fit anyone. Being made from a tough flexible rubber means they'll last a long time, maybe forever. Included is a simple zippered carry case to keep your Cleatskins safe when not in use, yet easy to grab when it's time for action.

They work with just about any type of cleat, whether you play baseball, football, soccer, softball, rugby, lacrosse, golf, etc. To ensure an exact fit for your application Cleatskins has a handy sizing chart on their website you can use when ordering.

You can easily clean your Cleatskins by hosing them off. But, these things are so tough that you can toss them in the washing machine for a total cleansing(air dry only). How much more simple could it get?

One guy on Wolfpack got Cleatskins. Then, after everyone saw how cool they are, the rest of the team got a set(or two). We all say it's because of how it keeps the dirt and paint out of our cars after a tournament, or how easy it makes it to walk around on concrete and don't have to pack a set of 'street' shoes, but I suspect it's because we all like how cool they look.

Look like a pro paintball player with Cleatskins.

Posted by Redwood on 06/22/2012