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Gryphon Paintball Guns

Gryphon Paintball Guns

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If you get as excited about new paintball equipment as we do, you will celebrate the new Gryphon Paintball Guns. This is a new line of entry level markers released by Tippmann Sports recently to fill the void needed in helping get players onto the paintball fields with their own equipment.

The new line of Gryphon Paintball Guns is a heaven sent for some and will hopefully be appreciated by everyone who wants this wonderful sport to continue to grow. Reliable and affordable entry level paintball guns and complete starter kits for under $100 are hard to come by. Gryphon helps knock down the price of getting started.

The Gryphon Paintball Basic Gun and PowerPack
Are a great way to get on the field for under $100

Gryphon PowerPack

The PowerPack for $99

The Gryphon Basic is a straight shooting low maintenance semi-auto design with tons of great features that make this marker a fairly high performance option for someone looking for a paintball gun well under $100. Some of its best features include:

  • A Center Ambidextrous Feed Neck
  • Two Finger Blade Trigger
  • Ergonomic Front Grip
  • All Internal Air Lines
  • A High Impact Composite Body
  • Ported Barrel
  • In-line Bolt System

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The Basic marker is also available as a Power Pack that includes everything needed to get started playing: Black Anti-fog Mask, Gravity Feed Hopper, 9oz CO2 Tank and the marker. It's kind of a one stop shoppers delight with no other equipment to buy. This is a great way to get your feet wet into paintball or avoid field fees on used rental equipment.

Not sure yet on the availability of upgrade barrels, stocks or other accessories. Most reviews suggest a sniper barrel and upgraded triggers. Other products from Gryphon are rumored for release in early 2011 including some airsoft items.

Check out the Gryphon Paintball Guns now.

The Grypon packages are shipping now from stores and suppliers all over the US.

Posted by Redwood on 12/14/2010

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