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PMI Trracer Pump Paintball Marker

PMI trracer pump gun

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The PMI Trracer Pump Paintball Marker is another push forward in the growing pump revolution. After the industry took paintball to an extreme high rate of fire, lot's of players want back into the sport's roots. Some claim a high rate of fire isn't a replacement for accuracy and tactics. The pump leagues, that are sprouting up at fields all over the place, are once again making players focus on the core of what paintball is all about.

PMI Products brings us their old school battle proven Trracer gun with a new look and feel. It now sports three picatinny rails to mount your scenario upgrades, an aluminum body with an outer nylon resin shell, and a 14 inch ported aluminum barrel. It's a revived classic that matches modern day players needs and reviews have been good.

PMI's gift to pump players, the Traccer Paintball Gun

PMI trracer pump marker

PMI Trracer Pump Marker

If you're into pump games or considering getting into that growing scene, the PMI Traccer Pump maybe the gun that you should be carrying. It has a lot of features of a standard auto type paintball gun, plus all the fun of a pump marker. The auto trigger helps make it feel more like an auto and keeps you shooting quickly when needed.

Thought went into the redesign of this gun, like the standard autococker threads for an almost unlimited selection of barrels, and a BT clamping feedneck that lets you add any standard necked hopper or the BT 10 Round Spring Feed if so desired.

No word on upgrade triggers, stocks or other accessories.

The grip accepts 45 style rubber and comes with a super comfortable contoured wrap around grip. On the bottom is the back bottle style standard threaded ASA mount that keeps the gun gassed and works well with CO2 or HPA air systems. You have the option of a 12 gram quick changer or a bottomline kit that can be purchased separately.

trracer pump paintball gun

Trracer Pump Marker

The internals are backwards compatible with the original Trracer markers and has a anti-double feed detent system. The First Strike compatible breech has a quick access for emergency barrel cleaning with your pull through squeegee.

The PMI Trracer Pump is a great low cost and low maintenance gun for any scenario or woodsball pump player looking for a fun and customizable marker. At around $120 it's a great gun for the money. It definitely has a Tippmann 98 vibe to it with it's black finish.

Check out the PMI Trracer Pump Paintball Marker now.

Note: this gun is shipping now from stores and suppliers. Most offer free shipping on orders over $100.

Posted by Redwood on 11/19/2010

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