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Cheap Paintball Nitrogen Tanks

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When trying to step up from CO2, sorting through the good cheap paintball nitrogen tanks can be daunting. There are lots of models and manufacturers that offer great tanks for under $50. Some even down into the mid thirty dollar price range. Don't walk out onto the paintball field without a great tank.

Ninja, Crossfire, Pure Energy and several other top paintball manufacturers have begun offering their high flowing innovative air systems in a 3000x48 tank that won't break your bank account. They are reliable tanks that won't starve your marker of it's precious paintball slinging power.

Step up from CO2 to HPA with an affordable Nitrogen Tank

Cheap Paintball Nitrogen Tanks

Cheap Paintball Nitrogen Tanks

Just when you thought the CO2 expansion chamber on your marker was doing a good job, it left you with a frozen gun. As you upgrade your marker to get those higher rates of fire, CO2 will eventually catch up to you. Then, it's time to step up to a Nitrogen tank. Nitrogen is a much more stable gas that won't leave your paintball gun in a pile of frozen waste. Instead, you will be able to shoot without an expansion chamber and sustain higher rates of fire for much longer times.

In case you needed to know, nitrogen tanks can be filled with regular compressed air or nitrogen. They are also often referred to as; N2, HPA, HP, Nitro and a few other things. Most of these names are just abbreviations or nick-names that have earned popularity over the years. Just remember that CO2 does not work in a nitrogen tank.

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HPA, Comp Air, Nitrogen

Although the word cheap is used here, we are definitely not referring to poor quality. We're simply using cheap as a synonym to the word affordable. When making the move into nitrogen tanks, it's nice to keep things cheap yet high performing.

Speaking of performance, the cheap paintball nitrogen tanks from Ninja still use the Myth regulators that have become industry known for their extremely high flow rates and strong durability. Crossfire comes into this market also with some of the best know cheap nitrogen tanks for reliability and ability to recharge your gun during high rates of fire. And who wouldn't be proud to walk out onto the paintball field with a Pure Energy tank. They have been playing paintball since it was invented.

Some peeps like to keep their systems absolutely minimal. Keep weight, length and capacities to a minimum for a bare bones, run up front and snipe people out, type of set up. Many of these 3000psi tanks have shorter regulators and are super light weight. Carbon fiber adds bulk and weight, the steel tanks are considerably smaller. Bonus!

The cheaper paintball nitrogen tanks are great to have around for a back up tank too. Keep one in your paintball gear bag for your team in case someone has a burst disk blow out and you have no time to repair it. We also like to fill all of our tanks before leaving the field so we have some air at home.

Smaller more affordable tanks.

Check out a Cheap Paintball Nitrogen Tanks now.

Posted by Redwood on 09/30/2010

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