Empire Magna Paintball Loader

empire magna paintball loader

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OK, we may be revisiting a loader that has been on the market for a while now. But, the Empire Magna Paintball Loader has come down in price and it's definitely on our list of great loaders. It feeds like crazy(30+ bps) and has technology that is still cutting edge.

Of course one of our favorite things about any piece of paintball equipment is the ability to customize, fiddle or tweak it. The Empire Magna Paintball Loader gives you all sorts of customization over the tension of the feed clutch system. You can fine tune the system to be gentle with brittle paint or force feed the heck out of your gun for fast tournament rates of fire. Simply rearrange the magnets on the clutch tray and you can have a tailored clutch slip.

Price reduction puts the Empire Magna Loader
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Empire Magna Paintball Loader

Empire Magna Paintball Loader

The Empire Magna paintball loader's drive system is activated by a radio frequency(RF) switch that you mount into your paintball gun. The loader only spins up when you are actually pulling the trigger. It also senses when you are rapid firing and runs the loaders motor at a much faster rate.

Empire now sells the radio frequency switch separately. It comes with the wiring harnesses that makes it ready to install on most popular makes and models of paintball guns. A few models you will need to do a quick solder job with the wires onto the markers solenoid power wires. Some models that have the solenoid soldered directly onto the circuit board may need some custom installation form someone who has done none standard installations.

The basic feed system is based on the Halo wheel technology that has become so well known for being ultra fast and easy on brittle paintballs. Empire gave the Magna a leg up on the Halo with its adjustable clutch and feed system RF switch activation. This loader is serious stuff.

A huge advantage that the Empire Magna will give you over your competition is the way this loader is designed to have an extremely small profile as you come around your bunker or snap shoot. You can easily see that the main loader body is positioned back on the feed neck and keeps its profile behind your bunker. That will keep you in the game longer and able to be more effective during intense game play.

Design improvements were made with the battery cover to eliminate the problem with the Halo battery lids either being overtightened or getting shot. The new cover is under the loader and is easy to access with no tools needed.

They also did a little magic on the lid by installing magnets to hold it shut. They're the same magnets that are on the feed tension system. These lid magnets create a glass break type feel and hold well when running around, yet open easily when needed.

The Empire Magna Drive Paintball Loader is available in several colors and has a few extra choices in replacements shells available for those who want a total custom look. Oh, and did I mention that it has a RIP Drive? There are also several companies that make upgrades for the drive system and speed feed lids.

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Posted by Redwood on 12/30/2010

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