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Paintball Apparel Clearance

Invert Paintball Gear

Invert Paintball Gear

Well, it's getting close to that time of year again, when you need to replace your calendar. Honestly, it's one of our favorite times. Paintball retailers all over the place are scrambling to clear out their selection of the year's unsold apparel to make room for the fancy new model year of designs, colors and looks.

If you even remotely like to dress in paintball garb, now is the time to take action. We can often find paintball jerseys super cheap in our size on these clearance sales. We often will cut off the sleeves and make them short sleeved or have our wives/moms put a hem on the sleeve so it doesn't unravel.

Add some paintball apparel to your everyday clothing.

Empire Paintball Apparel

Empire Paintball Apparel

Most of the popular brands apply to this end of year paintball apparel clearance sale. Empire, Invert and BT are just a few of the great names clearing out jerseys, pants, gloves, pads and t-shirts. Most of their sized and colors are available.

Empire has their Contact and LTD lines of playing apparel on the chopping block. They offer the gloves in full finger and "freedom" style with the two shooting fingers cut out. Their jerseys are mesh vented to be ultra cool and comfortable. The Empire players pants are full featured trousers with all the conveniences that you would expect from Empire and a high end pant.

If you are looking more for something you can hide in the woods with, BT has the apparel that you are looking for. Their Combat Series Camo pants are perfect for the serious milsim player. They have mesh venting, crotch padding, reinforced knee area, battle swab pockets and stretch panels for that burst of action that requires unrestricted movement. The BT Combat jersey also has some serious mesh venting, padded elbows and a stash pocket for your important goodies.

valken v-tac paintball gear

Valken Paintball Gear

Of course the Invert paintball company is no stranger to putting out high end playing apparel. Their Limited and Prevail line of paintball gear is well known and worn all over paintball fields. We've always given Invert's gear the head nod since they have been able to show us how serious they take this sport.

Over at Action Village, they have playing apparel on clearance from brands like JT, DSX, Proto and Valken, to name a few. These sales are always worth checking out. It is a really cheap way to add a lot of paintball gear to your wardrobe. Don't miss out on these opportunities to sale some huge cash now.

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Posted by Redwood on 10/12/2010

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