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Empire Gear Backpacks and Bags

empire paintball gear bags

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It always amazes me to see hardcore players show up at the field with all of their gear either shoved in some brown paper bag or heaped in a pile in the back of their car. Empire Gear is offering high end backpacks and bags to haul all of your paintball gear around in an orderly safe fashion that will prevent it from getting ruined or lost.

The Empire Gear Backpacks and Bags are available in several different styles and configurations to fit your needs. Each piece is optimized with huge storage capacities especially for paintball gear. And most of the units are equipped with a padded laptop or netbook pocket so you can keep your favorite technologies close by even at the field.

Check out the Stylish Empire Gear Backpacks and Bags

empire backpack

Empire Backpack

There are a slew of patterns, camouflages and designs to stimulate your pallet. The Chatter might be our favorite, but the Dig-E-Camo, Grey Hounds Tooth and Roman definitely fit our interests too.

Some of the coolest things about Empire gear bags are the durability factors that they went out of their way to manufacture into each unit. When handling one, you notice the extreme stitching and super heavy duty zippers that you know won't fail you. The materials are tough and are able to be cleaned if a little paint gets on it. That's definitely something every paintball player should be looking for.

empire gear bag

Empire Gear Bag

The compartments and pockets are well thought out and easy to access. Several of the bags have vented pockets and a secure hide away stash to keep your valuables hidden from prying eyes. Speaking of security, they also offer a cable lock system that you can route through your marker's trigger frame, through the bag, and onto something secure, like a pole or picnic table, so no one can run off with your equipment.

Looking for something to haul your school books? The Empire Backpacks are definitely a must have if you're serious about showing off your paintball pride to your classmates. The backpacks are fully functional with plenty of space for notebooks and school related gear. And, you can use the same backpack on the weekends to haul your paintball gear! It's a win - win!

Check out the Empire Paintball Gear Backpacks & Bags now.

Posted by Redwood on 10/19/2010

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