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Kingman Spyder MR1 Rail Upgrades

MR1 Rail Upgrades

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Some of your paintball marker's most usable upgrades are mounted to a rail. Although the Kingman Spyder MR1 has a rail, upgrading the rail can really open up some opportunities for bigger and better rail mounted equipment.

Certainly, having a reddod sight or a scope on the top of your paintball marker is a definite plus, but being able to mount a bipod or front vertical grip can be of huge help too. There are kits available to help make use of the space on your MR1. It's just a matter of an easy installation and mounting of the device.

Adding a rail mounted sight is a great
upgrade for your Spyder MR1

Imagine adding a handrail over your barrel that has a tactical rail along the entire length of the bottom. You would have space for a bipod, vertical handle and a flashlight or laser sight. This is how milsim players make use out of unused space on their marker.

Most people struggle to look down a sight mounted directly to the top of their paintball gun because their paintball mask hits the marker and doesn't allow them to push the gun stock into their face. Adding a raised rail along the top can give you that clearance needed for sniping through a scope or reddod.

Spyder MR1 Raised Sight Rail Upgrade

Spyder MR1 Raised Sight Rail Upgrade

Extending your existing rail can offer the opportunity to have a longer range of adjustment and fine tune how your Spyder MR1 fits to your face when peering down a scope. You can also add a 45 degree mount that allows you to set the sight farther away from your loader or add a second rail mounted object that won't sit on the main sight line.

Although the Kingman Spyder MR1 has a tactical sight rail already installed, upgrading this rail can provide you with a much higher level of customization needed for serious snipers, milsim players and scenario based equipment. See what's available and make use of your paintball gun's unused space.

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Posted by Redwood on 1/20/2011

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