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Paintball Muzzle Brakes

Paintball Muzzle Brakes

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Some of the most radical milsim paintball guns we've come across have had their certain look topped off with a muzzle brake on the end of their barrel. Whether it was a mock silencer or a brake that completed a sub-machine gun look. With the huge selection of models available, you are sure to find the right fit and function for your application.

Some muzzle brakes are strictly ascetic, but there are a decent amount of functional options if you are interested in making a performance increase. Some of these are rather simple, some are an old proven style, and others are a new found functional design of muzzle brake that can give you an added advantage on the paintball field.

Sound Expansion Muzzle Brakes are used for Intimidation

Not all muzzle brakes are created for the same reason. A common misconception is that all muzzle brakes are used to reduce noise or flash in real fire arms. The truth is, in paintball, often you can use a brake to increase the noise from your marker. This can be a very intimidating assault trick if you are forcing your way into an area. Or it could be used to distract opponents while another player sneaks in through the defences at another location.

Your typical paintball sniper will employ a muzzle brake for noise suppression or to change the direction of the sound. A sniper could also employ a brake to increase the accuracy of his shots. Redirecting the noise can often be more effective than trying to muffle it.

Some of the more common styles of muzzle brakes include the classic M4 birdcage, the MP5 PDW, and the newer models commonly found on the newer AKM rifles. These looks are easily recognizable and used to complete a certain look.

Apex Muzzle Brake

Apex Muzzle Brake

Many of the more useful muzzle brakes for paintball don't appear like the common configurations that you're used to seeing. The Noveske sound amplifier looks like a small can on the end of your barrel. Some of the Saber and Raven designs look pretty neat if you are searching for a modern looking brake that can redirect the pop of a paintball leaving your barrel.

The Apex barrel end, used to curve paintballs around bunkers, is really a fancy muzzle brake and can be threaded on the RAP4 Raptor barrel. Most of the muzzle brakes available through RAP4 are a thread on style that work with their well know, and very popular, Raptor barrel. It's available for most popular guns and is very reasonably priced.

One of the more coveted pieces in this genre is the silencer barrel end. These things can look super tough and really make your paintball marker look like it means business. One of my favorite builds is an A5/MP5 with a short barrel equipped with a silencer build for CQB or room clearing. Some of these are functional but you have to understand the laws in your area to see if they are completely legal.

Another one of our favorites is a strong looking built heavy gunner marker, like a Tippmann X7, with a musket style brake or a loud spade end brake. Both look awesome and can make your gun considerably louder. It's intimidation at its best, both in appearance, and sound.

No matter what muzzle brake you are looking to accessories your paintball gun with, it will certainly add an appealing upgrade for all your friends to gawk at. Not to mention the intimidation factor placed upon your opponents by the seriously dominating look provided. RAP4 has a huge selection for you to choose from.

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Posted by Redwood on 03/11/2011

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