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Proto Rail Paintball Gun

black proto rail gun

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There are so many great things about the Proto Rail paintball gun that it's tough to know where to start telling you about this gun. It shoots like a million dollars yet it's priced very reasonably. I've seen people turn their nose up at them on the paintball field just to get schooled by a Rail owner. These guns may be priced a little lower, but they shoot great.

Proto is often thought of as Dye's little brother, but they bring a lot of serious firepower and pack it into a sweet looking little monster of a paintball gun. The Proto Rail has a very strong following since its inception and it continues to grow every year.

The Proto Rail Paintball Gun is a little Monster with Huge Firepower

Proto Rail Paintball Gun

Proto Rail Paintball Gun

If you are in the market for a tournament level marker and don't feel like selling a kidney, you need to give the Rail a serious look. It offers you the look and feel of a high end tournament marker at a fraction of the cost.

Proto and Dye always seem to do some seriously exciting milling on the marker bodies they produce. The Rail is a perfect example of that. It's got edges and curves that make this thing stand out in a crowd. It boasts an all aluminum body and the famous Ultralite grip frame with an adjustable aluminum trigger.

The Rail gives you love with its self cleaning eye pipe anti-chop break beam system that integrates the ball detents and keeps things firing sick fast with minimal chops. The eyes aren't hanging off the side of the gun waiting to get shot off or covered in paint. Instead they are neatly packed away inside the marker safe from abuse.

The Fuse Bolt system can be quickly accessed through the allen wrench back cap and removed for cleaning or lubing. It's an ultra sleek bolt design that will hammer paintballs down field and onto your opponents.

Of course they didn't skimp on the air system. You know they put the Hyper 3 in-line regulator on this thing. It helps the Proto Rail operate in the 165psi range for a grotesque amount of shots per fill on your tank. Proto brags 1200+ shots per 68x4500 tank fill. That's enough to cover every bunker on the field.

Its got an adjustable locking feedneck with the Proto logo and some sweet styling all over it. One less thing for you to worry about upgrading. This thing is a real keeper.

The circuit board, fed by a single 9v battery, has 4 modes of firing: full auto(to make your opponents crap themselves), semi-auto, PSP and Millennium. It also powers the solenoid at a breathtaking 40 milliseconds for a blindingly fast cycle rate. They also let you adjust the max ROF.

The Proto Rail Paintball Gun is also available in a Reflex version. It adds a few things; like a cam locking feedneck, some cosmetic styling options, a slightly different Hyper 3 regulator, a different ASA or airport to mount your tank, and a two piece .690 14" barrel(vs. a one piece 11").

If you are seeking respect and a gnarly looking marker, the Proto Rail Paintball Gun is a very good option for you. It has the styling and capabilities of much more expensive guns. Plus, every one can respect the Proto name and the reputation that the Rail has earned for its self.

Get your hands on a Proto Rail Paintball Gun now.

Posted by Redwood on 12/20/2010

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