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RAP4 Box Magazine for the T68

T68 Box Magazine


Who doesn't love having the RAP4 Box Magazine as an option for your T68? (hint: it's a trick question) Your opponents, of course, don't want you to have a box mag. Switching out 18 and 20 round magazines is perfectly OK, but the time has come to walk onto the field with full intentions of complete domination.

I've seen a few of these things now on M249 SAW builds spraying down opponents all over the field. I've also seen some people who like to use their more compact builds for normal use and plug in the box magazine when ready to blast away in a serious fire fight.

The RAP4 Box Magazine for the T68 Paintball Guns

When RAP4 released the T68 we all knew that it had potential for something special. A totally customizable milsim paintball marker that could be transformed into an type of military gun. Designs ranged from the most serious purpose build sniper rifles to the light weight short barreled room clearing weapons. It has no limitations as to its form or function. RAP4 has continued to release new body kits, add-ons and performance upgrades. The T68 is now in it's 6th generation and is fully appreciated by the scenario community.

RAP4 Box Magazine

RAP4 Box Magazine

One of the T68's favorite characteristics is the ability to have a paintball marker that is magazine fed. RAP4 made 18 round magazines quickly available and followed up with 20 round mags. Not only did it make things more realistic, but it also made sense tactically by removing the big loader form the top of the marker. Even though grabbing a fresh mag off your vest and stuffing it in your gun is fun, adding a high capacity force feed box mag is even more fun. It keeps the marker true to it's magazine fed roots, eliminates the big hopper target on top, and gives you all the benefits of a full sized motorized loader.

The RAP4 Box Magazine holds 250 rounds of paintballs and the Nautilus drive system delivers them rapidly to help you lay down a hail storm for your opponents. The easy to clean and maintain system can be loaded from either side of your gun for quick reloading. It's fast enough to keep up with your upgraded T68, yet gentle enough not to break fragile paint.

RAP4 applied it's standard 1 year warranty to the Box Mag. They had a few issues with the first couple of batches of units, but have ironed out the wrinkles. They also made good by those who had problems with the first style motor. You can always count on RAP4 to take care of their customers, that's why we are long time RAP4 patrons.

The RAP4 Box Magazine is compatible with all magazine fed T68s Gen4 to current, all Tacmark, MILSIG, and K-Series paintball markers. It's a must for an M249 magazine, this is the ultimate T68 magazine.

If you've even been remotely thinking about trying one of these mags out, we highly recommend acting on that and getting one of these. It can bring a whole new level of play to your magazine fed paintball gun.

Check out the RAP4 Box Magazine now.

Posted by Redwood on 04/06/2011

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