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Tippmann A5 Parts Kits

tippmann a5 parts kit

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If you are serious about your Tippmann A5 you know you need to have a parts kit on hand. Don't create an emergency by not being prepared. You should always have a Tippmann A5 parts kit in your bag if that is the main marker that you're shooting. It doesn't hurt to have an o-ring rebuild kit at home either.

Every year we rebuild our markers, even if it's not our main paintball gun. That way they are always ready to go and we know they are in event ready shape.

Tippmann A-5 O-ring Rebuild and Repair Kits

tippmann a5 repair kit

Tippmann A5 Repair Kit

The deluxe kit(shown above) has everything that you need to repair your A5 paintball gun. Unless you get hit by a buss and the large components break - like the body or major internals. But, when you are at the field and shooting through cases of paintballs during that all important scenario event, things happen.

The smaller universal repair kit will get you through an internal gas leak or a misplaced pin and can be a great rebuild kit for those end of year refreshers. It includes o-rings, a ball detent, pins, valve spring washer, velocity screw, nuts and bolts and a slue of other important parts to repair your Tippmann A5.

tippmann a5 oring rebuild kit

Tippmann A5 O-Ring Rebuild Kit

There is the even smaller kit yet that has just the basic o-rings needed to reseal your A5 for a fresh start. It always makes me feel more confident walking onto the field with my paintball gun renewed and ready to shoot at its best. Plus, a fresh set of o-rings will help the shot consistency of your FPS and make your air fills go farther.

If you are wondering specifically what each kit contains, I've collected a list of included items from Tippmann:

The Tippmann A-5 Deluxe Parts Kits Include:
1 Front Bolt
1 Front Bolt O Ring
2 Rear Bolt O Rings
1 Barrel O Ring
1 Feeder Bolt
6 Receiver Bolts
6 Grip Nuts
1 Front Grip Nut
1 Front Grip Bolt
1 Front Grip Washer
5 Grip Screws
5 Trigger Plate Pins
1 Trigger Spring
2 Trigger Return Spring
1 Drive Spring
1 Velocity Screw
2 Receiver Pins
1 Valve Washer
1 Valve O Ring
1 Tank Valve O Ring
1 Banjo Fitting
1 1/16"dia. Hose
1 Linkage Arm
1 Safety
1 Safety O Ring
1 Piston U-Cup
1 Ball Latch
2 Receiver Pin Springs
1 Sear Pin
1 Drive Pins
The Tippmann A-5 Universal Parts Kits Include:
1 Front Bolt O-Ring
1 Rear Bolt O Ring
1 Valve O Ring
1 Push Pin
1 Trigger Plate Pin
1 Sear Roll Pin
1 Ball Latch
1 Valve Spring Washer
1 Drive Spring
1 Velocity Screw
2 Body Nuts
2 Receiver Bolts
1 Feeder Ratchet
1 Marker Oil

The Tippmann A-5 O-ring Kit Includes every internal o-ring for your A5.

Don't get caught without one of the Tippmann A5 Parts Kits, get one now.

Posted by Redwood on 10/05/2010

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