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Ego Paintball Gun 2009

ego paintball gun

Price Check: Go!

Note: This was originally written for the 2009 PE Ego

Many consider the Planet Eclipse Ego Paintball Guns to be the best firing markers ever produced. If you've never spent much time with this gun, you'll be amazed at how smooth and easily rapid this thing can deliver paintballs down field. It has the ability to rip a hail storm with minimal effort or make you feel comfortable quietly popping shots at a bunker waiting for an opponent to stick his head out. It is packed with all the features that most high end guns have, but the 09 Ego sets its self apart by its unmatched ability to deliver these features in such a graceful package.

The Ego Paintball Gun is a Work of Art!

All of the built in goodies on this gun seem like fluff next to the shooting feel that the 09 Ego gives you. It has a 5 way adjustable trigger with dual return mechanisms, an ultra efficient low pressure air system that operates at 160psi giving it 1700+ shots from a 68x4500 and a self purging internally mounted LPR. The electronics board is completely programmable with multiple debounce rates, ramping modes, rate of fire caps, and an audible alert system for actuations.

Planet Eclipse didn't short cut the major mechanical parts either. The milling on the Ego Paintball Gun is unbelievable smooth and sleek. It's base design looks like it was created by god himself. The light weight simple design makes for a reliable and beautiful gun. The color combinations available are very unique. The Egos general fit and feel is one of very high quality.

2009 is Planet Eclipse's 5th version of the Ego marker, and they seem to have really given the paintball community a hell of a gun. Shooting paintballs out of this feels like silk. Total control of speed and aim with a quietly cycling gun will help you win tournaments.

Check out the Planet Eclipse Ego now.

Posted by Redwood