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Tippmann A5 Upgrades and Modifications

Base Marker
The Tippmann A5 has been regarded as one of the core paintball guns in this sport. It offers an affordable platform that can be tailored to the players needs and budget. The base marker performs well out of the box, but the A5 has a plentiful selection of upgrades available from Tippmann and aftermarket companies.

One of the first paintball markers many new players purchase will be a Tippmann A5. Partly because of the Tippmann name, or the Cyclone Feed system, but often it is because the A5 can be totally customized to the look and feel of a much more expensive milsim type marker.

Typically a first upgrade to be considered will be an improved barrel. The factory 8.5" ported barrel does a great job for the new player, but many people dream of a super accurate sniper barrel or the legendary Flatline barrel that can reach out an extra 100 feet.

Air Systems
The Tippmann A5 comes with a bottom grip mounted ASA and gas line. From the factory it does not have an expansion chamber for those who run CO2, and it doesn't have a pressure regulator for those who run high pressure air. Both air mods can be added as an upgrade to help make your A5 more efficient and consistent.

The cheapest version of the A5 comes with a single finger manual semi-automatic type trigger. This is fine for someone just starting out and looking for an affordable marker. However, people often upgrade to a double trigger to allow more room and the ability to rock the trigger if it's converted to a micro switch.

Trigger upgrades can also include the Tippmann e-grip or the response trigger. Both will allow you higher rates of fire without having to pull the trigger like a madman. The E-Grip allows for different modes of firing(semi, auto, and burst modes) and requires a battery. The response trigger can be installed as an upgrade with a Tippmann kit that includes everything need for easy installation.

There are tutorials on polishing the internals of the A5. Although it's not a paid upgrade, it certainly has been said to improve the markers performance. There are aftermarket hammers, bolts, springs, and detents available. Some of these could offer an improvement over the A5's stock components, but leave these mods for last.

Loader Mods
The famous Cyclone Feed System has many mods of its own. Squishy Paddles helps prevent brittle paintballs from breaking in the feed system. Also, there are air mods to make your Cyclone feed more consistently and with less breakage. Many of these mods help solve common complaints with this system and could especially help if you are sharing the air feed with a response trigger system.

Scenario Mods
Once players start venturing into scenario event and want milsim realism, the trend is to attach Picatinny rails, shroud kits, and all sorts of add-on accessories as upgrades. These could include a bipod, laser or flashlight, or all of the above!

Some body shrouds can really change the appearance of the marker to resemble military guns, like the AK47, MP5, or AR15. RAP4 has some of these mods available, and customization from there can be almost unlimited.

Sniper Builds
Certainly one of the most coveted marker setups for a scenario player is to upgrade their marker into a serious sniper rifle that can perform silent eliminations from a hidden position and remain stealth. There are several barrels that help reduce noise or increase shot distance. A reduced hopper target signature, like that provided by a tactical cap(loader), will help keep you hidden.

Other Builds
Like mentioned previously, the AK47 is a popular build, but don't let the common military firearms dictate your upgrades. There are many markers built for room clearing, burst fire assault missions, and anything else you can dream up. We've seen "heavy gunner" looks that make a Tippmann A5 look like a high capacity anti-tank gun, or a super compact UMP type weapon.

Buying an A5 Cheap
Certainly we are all on a budget in paintball. With field fees and paintballs costing plenty we want to keep our upgrades under control without having to limit ourselves too much. Ebay may offer used A5 upgrades, but we've seen people build upgrade parts right in their garage that look pretty cool. Obviously safety might dictate what items we can build ourselves, but we've seen a regular stock built into a gas-through stock for cheap.

Butt Stocks
A butt stock can be an essential upgrade for the A5. It does not come from Tippmann with a butt stock installed, so buying one should be pretty high on your list of upgrades. Having a comfortable butt stock that fits your body could make for a fun day of paintballing.

Overall the Tippmann A5 is a great marker for any woodsball player. Especially those just starting out. It's easy to upgrade and there are an almost unlimited amount of choices to customize the marker to your idea of a milsim scenario weapon. Keep things affordable and don't rule out upgrades without taking a serious look at them all. Soon your A5 will be a coveted piece of beauty to your friends and competitors.

Posted by Redwood on 12/26/2012