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TPX Remote Line Adapter

TPX Remote Line Adapter Kit

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Tippmann's TPX Pistol is a great side arm. It's become popular with scenario players as a secondary marker and it's popularity continues to grow as pistol only events are on the rise. With it's lower tactical rail, serious milsim looks, and the Tippmann name backing it up, the TPX is here to stay.

As new add-on components are developed, the TPX can now be enhanced by installing the Remote Line Adapter. This will add the ability to connect a standard remote line to power the pistol instead of having to replace the 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

Give Your TPX The Remote Line Adapter Tactical Advantage

If you're using a standard sized marker as your primary and the TPX Pistol as a secondary, adding the remote adapter will free you from having to carry replacement 12 CO2 cartridges. It can also keep you shooting longer and more consistent by using a HPA source and from a larger tank.

This kit is cheap and fairly easy to install. You need some basic tools: 1/8 allen wrench, adjustable jaw wrench, 1/4 nut driver(or flat blade screw driver), drill with 9/16 drill bit, safety glasses, work friendly surface, remote adapter kit w/instructions, and your Tippmann TPX Pistol.

You start by completely unloading the marker and discharge any gas. If you have a CO2 cartridge in the pistol, safely remove it. Put on your safety glasses and glasses on anyone else in the area. Then, stop, do the safety dance and post it on YouTube(optional).

Follow the instructions completely.

Disassemble the marker as described and replace the stock banjo fitting with the new one on the valve assembly.

Carefully drill through the designated hole in the left side receiver housing. Clean any burrs created by drilling and make sure none of them remain in the housing.

Installing The Remote Line Adapter

Installing The Adapter

Reassemble the valve and internal gas line, be sure to lube the o-rings removed or reassembled during this process.

Reinstall the housing being careful to keep the magazine release lever freed up.

Lube the new o-ring on the adapter and install through the newly drilled hole and into the new banjo fitting. DO NOT over tighten the adapter, the o-ring will help it to seal.

Tighten the housing retainers and make sure all parts are properly installed.

Gas up the marker by correctly installing and puncturing a 12 gram CO2 cartridge. Check the marker for leaks.

You will have to have a 12 gram CO2 cartridge installed when using the remote adapter line on your TPX. If you don't, the HPA will leak out through the CO2 connection. However, you can use the CO2 cartridges without needing a remote line connected to the adapter.

Remote Line Adapter Installed

Remote Line Adapter Installed

There have been some reports of first generation TPX Pistols having a banjo fitting that is not removable from the valve assembly. We have not been able to confirm this.

What's In the kit: remote line adapter(with o-ring installed), banjo fitting, instructions.

Making this modification to your Tippmann TPX Pistol gives you an optional air connection and eliminates your dependency on keeping a fresh supply of 12 grams. Using HPA is also typically a performance improvement.

Check out the TPX Remote Line Adapter.

Posted by Redwood on 01/06/2012