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Jungle Rumble - High Intensity Scenario

Splat Tag, Inc.
Hudson, WI

Jungle Rumble Logo

Splat Tag is hosting the Jungle Rumble series again this summer with 7 events scheduled for the last Sunday of every month. These events are a lot of fun and offer some serious anti-boredom paintball action. With entry fees being $20, and paintballs reasonably priced, it's an affordable event that provides the experience of a large scenario. The Splat Tag facilities are very exciting and these events are well attended. Different rental options are available for those who need equipment. For details see the JungleRumble website.

Quote from JungleRumble:

Jungle Rumble games are high intensity scenario games. Full Auto and ramping are allowed at this event! For safety, Splat Tag has lowered the gun chronograph limit to 290fps and all guns are not allowed to shoot more then 15 balls per second. Pump gun chronograph limit is 300fps.

Directions to Field:

Posted by Redwood on 07/01/2014

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