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10 Reasons to Play Paintball Games Online

There are fun ways to play paintball online. Several simple arcade style games have been created and there are even a few larger multi-player games. We have some of the more simple games on our Arcade page for you to enjoy. You can work on your trigger speed or flex your ninja like reactions by shooting at pop-up targets. When the Winter gets long, or your budget doesn't allow you to play as often as you'd like, have some fun playing these free games.

Top 10 Reason to Play Paintball Games Online
1. Rack up a crazy trigger pull speed and brag it up on Facebook with a screen shot.
2. It's a lot cheaper than playing real paintball everyday(but not as cool).
3. Winter is long and boring. Play PB everyday online.
4. Find inventive ways to cheat the online games ;-)
5. Bonus ball players without getting kicked out.
6. No welts to nurse afterwards.
7. It's Paintball. Why wouldn't you?
8. Preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse.
9. You can play in your pajamas.
10. ?? Give us number 10 on our FB page.

Don't forget there are several decent paintball games(NPPL Championship, Greg Hastings) available for most major gaming platforms - PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo, etc. They can be a bit pricey and are usually more fun when playing with friends, but help keep your mind on paintball.

Posted by Redwood on 08/01/2014