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BT Battle Paintball Vest

bt battle paintball vest

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A lot of serious scenario players are switching from standard pod harnesses to tactical vests. The BT Battle Paintball Vest is a solid choice for this upgrade. Its function and construction are designed for the hardcore player who demands all the features that a professional vest can offer. BT has been producing higher quality equipment for a long time and this vest is a perfect example of their commitment to quality.

The eight Velcro secured and strategically positioned 140 count pod holders are spread out around the BT Battle Vest to more evenly distribute the weight. The rugged mesh material holds strong and is completely breathable to help keep you cool during intense play. This vest adjusts to fit you perfectly with its Velcro belt fasteners, adjustable side straps and the rugged front zipper.

BT Battle Paintball Vest carries pods with more support

Other great benefits of this BT Battle Paintball Vest include a built-in hydration pouch area for you to put your Camel-Back resivour, a radio/cell phone quick access pocket, a nice tank storage compartment and an added layer of protection from those stinging paintballs.

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Posted by Redwood