Cheap Paintball Air Tanks

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As expensive as paintball can be it's good to know that things go on sale from time to time. Paintball Air Tanks can be a large expense to consider. We try to help connect you to quality tanks that are on sale. Get yourself a top rated tank at an affordable price. Don't overlook the option of buying used tanks that can be some of the cheapest deals on lightly used air tanks. See the link above for eBay listings.

Please understand these deals come and go so they may not always be available.

48ci x 3000psi Paintball Tank

48ci x 3000psi Paintball Tank

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For the ultimate in affordable entrance into HPA tanks comes this functional 48ci x 3000psi paintball tank. It has an aluminum body to keep your gear set up light weight and very mobile. This tank is equip with a 5k burst disk for safety and a 5k pressure gauge so you can see how much air pressure you have left. It's a smart choice for any serious paintballer on a budget.

68ci 4500psi Crossfire Paintball Tank

crossfire paintball tank

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The Crossfire Paintball Tanks name is well know as a trusted manufacturer in the paintball community. They have been putting out some of the highest quality tanks for many years. Wolfpack Paintball Team uses Crossfire Tanks as our primary tanks. Their regulators are very fast and consistent, they have great customer service and offer a great regulator exchange program when it's time for a hydro test. Their tanks are good looking and available in several popular sizes to fit all positions on the field.

48-50ci x 4500psi Paintball Tank

48ci x 4500psi Paintball Tank

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Want to step up to a 4500 psi carbon fiber tank with a small price tag? Here is a tank with a 5 year hydro date that will serve you well in the trenches. It's capable of delivering a lot more shots than your CO2 or 3000 HPA tank and is build with a very rugged design that will out last most of your other paintball equipment. It's built in the 'stubby' design to keep things on your system compact. It has the necessary burst disks and an easy to read pressure gauge.

68-70ci x 4500psi Paintball Tank

68ci x 4500psi Paintball Tank

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This 5 year hydro tank is the preferred size in this sport. The 68ci x 4500 paintball tank is a very common configuration and will provide you with a lot of shots per fill. It's a carbon fiber tank with a fast recharging air regulator. It comes with a free paintball tank cover of the distributors choice. If your looking to save a little money and not buy a tank with your favorite brand name on the side, this is the tank for you.

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