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Cheaper Priced Paintball Guns

People often search for cheap paintball guns and ask us which is the best one. There is no great answer to that, but a little guidance may help you make the decision for what will be a good marker for you.

Cheap can mean affordable, low quality, reduced pricing, etc. Most of the top online stores price markers at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturers. If you’re looking for some of the better lower priced markers you may want to find sites that make recommendations in your price range.

tippmann cronus

Most of the better performing less expensive markers are from the larger brands like Tippmann or Kingman Spyder, but some less talked about brands can have good markers at a lower price point. JT produced the Cybrid, Stealth, and Tac-5 markers. Although, those markers aren’t always in stock at many of the stores.

Don’t overlook going to your local paintball store and asking for their more budget friendly markers. They may be able to better match you with something that fits your playing style and needs.

If you’re forced to keep your purchase under $100 there are still plenty of options that can provide you with a great performing platform that you can upgrade as your budget allows. Tippmann has their base Carver One model in this price range. It is a cheap initial purchase and can be later upgraded with barrels, body kits, and tactical accessories.

Kingman make a huge range of markers that fit in the cheap paintball guns category. They may even have some of these markers available as refurbished at a much lower price point. The Sonix, Xtra, and Victor paintball guns are a few of their less expensive models that have a ton of aftermarket parts available for and are very reliable.

For those whose budget is even lower, you may be better off looking for a used marker on eBay, Craigslist, or traded in markers at your local field. You often find older markers that still perform great but at half the cost. Many of these already have upgrades and extra barrels with them.

Understanding what you are looking for based on your playing style and budget is easy with a little research. Take your time and read lots of reviews and recommendations. Don’t be afraid to go to the paintball field and ask others what they have had good experiences. May players started with cheaper markers and worked their way up to higher end equipment.

Posted by Redwood on 06/19/2014