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CO2 Paintball Tank

aluminum 20oz co2 tank paintball

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As HPA tanks come down in price, CO2 tanks for paintball also drop a few bucks. This makes the sport more affordable for all of us. 10 years ago, a basic 20oz tank tank was $25, now you can find them for under $15. They perform just as good and last just as long. With the high price of equipment now days, it's nice to see the price drop on some things.

Whether your shooting a Tippmann or Spyder, having an extra CO2 tank for a backup when playing can be the difference between winning and loosing. A 12oz or 9oz tank can fit in one of your pod spots on your tactical vest and be used when your main tank runs out. Paintball is definitely becoming a sport of fire power. We are shooting more rounds quicker. Although, some markers can be made more efficient by installing an expansion chamber, having more air/gas is a must.

With a spare CO2 Tank, Paintball can be fun

There are several CO2 tank sizes to choose from. Some of the more common sizes and their shot capacities are as follows:

  • 12 gram about 50 shots
  • 9oz about 400 shots
  • 12oz about 600 shots
  • 20oz about 1100 shots
  • 24oz about 1400 shots

It's probably good to have a couple different size tanks so you get to know how each will affect your game. Some people just prefer to have a couple of 20oz CO2 tanks. Others don't like to carry that much weight around and opt for a smaller tank, like a 12oz. Some people think that all they need is a 9oz tank and that they will always have enough with that. If your on an ultra tight budget and want to limit yourself from shooting a lot of paintballs, you can use a 9oz tank and make yourself shoot less.

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Posted by Redwood

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