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Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper

tippmann 98 sniper

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Boom! Your struck by a paintball and have no idea where it came from. You look around wondering what just happened. There is no sign of anyone anywhere. As you walk off the field, you have an annoying feeling that you just got hit by a very crafty sniper who had you in his signs for a long time. Now imagine being that hidden sniper dishing out eliminations and leaving the people wondering what just happened. The good news is that it doesn't take a $1500 sniper rifle to do it. It can be done with an ultra reliable and affordable Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper Gun.

Enter the Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper Gun

This is the wicked looking Core Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Sharp Shooter Combo Paintball Gun. If looks could kill, everyone who laid eyes on you would be eliminated when you are carrying this bad-boy! It's not all for looks though, this marker can seriously put a paintball down field and do it accurately too. It's got a Core M16 barrel and mock magazine, a fully adjustable M4 stock and a folding bi-pod. This thing can really help you rock the house with its offset sight rail that hosts a serious Red Dot sight that has an adjustable windage, elevation and dot intensity. If you were stamping through the woods with this thing, people would move out of the way and let you by! It is one of our favorite choices for a Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper.

Want Options? The Lightweight Tippmann 98 Custom M4

tippmann 98 custom sniper

Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper

Is the Shock and Awe effect under rated in paintball? We think the M4 is one of the baddest guns ever built. Some how now your lucky enough to have it available as an option for a Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper style gun. It's a true hardcore players marker built for applied firepower and a huge emotional effect on your opponents. This gun is built using Core M4 accessories and a ultra reliable Tippmann 98. The M4 stock, magazine and barrel give it the looks you need to be taken seriously. The milsim appearance will deliver the message that your serious about it. Check out the new Tippmann 98 M4 Elite NOW!

Want to do your own thing? Do you think you can create a better Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper weapon? Feel free to browse the entire selection of Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades or surf though the eBay listings below.