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2014's Best Paintball Masks

Every year there are at least a few new paintball masks or new versions of existing models. Some of them are interesting and functional, others are less than exciting. One thing for sure is that there will probably be an increasing trend in the pricing of masks.

Sly Profit LE in Red

Sly Profit LE in Red

Not all masks have to be expensive. Several of the lower end masks are also being improved with each new version. JT, for example, has been making paintball masks since dirt was invented. They have several popular models that are loved by loyal paintballers who run their masks through all the rigorous action that would test any mask.

JT recently updated the Proflex LE 2.0. Although it's price tag is around $90, you can expect similar performance of the highest price masks. Plus, the Proflex has a huge list of available parts to transform it into a totally custom paintball mask.

There are some cheaper options that will still perform well and offer features similar to the high end masks. The Valken Annex comes in a few version priced well under $50. Key elements include a thermal lens, excellent chin/ear/forehead coverage, and can also be customized to suit your look.

Virtue VIO in Lime

Virtue VIO in Lime

If your budget is ready for a high end mask you may want to consider the ultra cool looking C2 Eyon. Its appearance is suspiciously similar to the Angel Eyes paintball mask that was heavily talked about last year but never made it to full retail. This mask will cost you well over $100 but will have all the people at the field coming up to check it out.

One of our favorite masks is the Save Phace Skull mask. They're affordable and also very cool looking. Most retailers carry the full line of Save Phace products.

Some of the newer masks we like to see this year are the HK Army KLR mask, the Virtue VIO, and the Sly Profit LE. Most of the newer masks are very light weight, offer excellent coverage, and have great ventilation.

RAP4 Airsoft Skull Mask

RAP4 Airsoft Skull Mask(here)

A quick note; if you're searching for an airsoft mask you may want to take a look at the RAP4 Airsoft Tactical Skull Mask. Its aggressive look will scare the trousers right off your opponents.

Which ever mask you choose make sure it's the best one for your budget and style of play. Don't be afraid to hold onto your old mask if it's still doing a great job. Maybe it's just time for a new lens or a fun looking goggle strap. Just make sure you're playing safe and still have money to spend on field fees and paintballs.

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Posted by Redwood on 07/21/2014