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Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades

The Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun is certainly a legendary marker in the paintball world. Most of us do or have at one time owned a Tippmann 98 Custom or some version of it. The after market companies have responded to the guns strong following by releasing a vast amount of Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades.


Total Customization! The amount of upgrades are almost endless. If there is a certain look your going for, you will no doubt be able to achieve it. Want an AK47, or a super sonic sniper rifle? Not a problem! From barrels to internals and even dress up kits, the Tippmann 98 Custom upgrades are unlimited.

An Endless Supply of Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades

Scopes and Sites
If your serious about being a sniper, then you know how important a good scope is. Having the ability to magnify your field of vision and better choose your target is a big advantage. On the same level, if you are more of a Close Quarter Battle type of player, you need to have the ability to quickly acquire your targets. Having a Red Dot or Reflex type site is a must and will give you a very distinct advantage over your competitors.

Many scopes are available as Tippmann 98 Custom accessories. 3-12x50 and 3-9x40 scopes are commonly found at the major paintball supplier retailers for $30-80 and can be easily mounted to a rail. They will provide you will an excellent view of your opponent at a distance. This can be useful for sniping or recon.

Quick acquisition sites are also an affordable upgrade. A typical Red Dot site will cost $25-75 and some of the more advances sites will run $100 or more. Some can provide an illumination effect that helps you see into dark corners when clearing rooms.

One of the first upgrades most people do, is look for a new barrel. It's a basic Tippmann 98 Custom upgrade that can provide you with more accuracy and a quieter shot. Porting and rifling are a big part of an improved barrel. Spinning the ball and softening the air pressure behind the ball can help build consistency in your shots.

Several "super" barrels are available as an add-on. The well known Tippmann Flatline barrel adds an extra 100 feet of distance onto your shots. This can be a great advantage for a serious paintball sniper looking to out reach his opponents and get the first shot. Also available is the Apex paintball barrel. It has the ability to be instantly custom aimed to shoot around corners, effectively hitting someone behind a bunker. Its use takes practice, but can be very effective.

E-Grip and Triggers
Another common upgrade people go for is either the E-Trigger or the Tippmann Response trigger. They give an adjustable firing rate and allow you to send more paintballs down field. Both trigger add-on kits are easy to install and make a major difference in the guns feel and shooting capabilities.

The E-Grip runs off of batteries and has three firing modes to choose from; semi-auto, full-auto, and 3 round burst. The Tippmann Response trigger runs off of the guns spent gases and has a fully adjustable rate of fire by turning the restriction screw on the gas fitting.

A double finger trigger and trigger guard are available as a Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrade. Several companies have created trigger design options including; a blade style, a rocking/double bump version and even roller designs.

Stocks and Butts
Being able to shoulder your gun can drastically increase your aim. There are a ton of stocks available to continue the customization of your Tippmann 98 Custom. Adjustable stocks like the collapsible carbine style give you a range of settings for different playing conditions.

Several of the Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrade stocks provide the ability to run your air through the stock. This serves as a very functional improvement allowing you to relocate your air line to the far back of the gun. That way when you connect a remote line, you can keep it tight to your body and prevent it from getting tangled in brush or in the rest of your equipment.

There are several other stocks available to fit a scenario look that you're building your 98 Custom Pro to look like. The "Saw" style butt stock contributes to the "Heavy Gunner" look. A "Dog Leg" or light weight folding design can help provide the look of an AK47 clone. The standard "Commando" design completes the look of a M16 replica.

The butt stock can provide a look and improved function for both aim and air management. It seems like one of the most important Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades.

Front Grips and Shrouds
Adding a front grip can help you to stabilize the gun while shooting and running. It can also reduce your fatigue by providing a comfortable handle for you to haul your marker around all day. There are several styles to choose from including folding designs.

Front gun shrouds can be as simple as a metal barrel cover to a multi sided Picatinny rail system to mount several accessories like lasers, flashlights and grenade launchers. They can also help complete a look or give you a place to mount a bi-pod system.

Feed Necks
The feed neck on the Tippmann 98 Custom has been labeled as a weak spot in the design. The old style plastic ones usually broke off after only a few heavy paintball outings. Several companies have created a much stronger replacement option for your 98. Core has an affordable one that is made from aluminum and includes a clamping style loader neck.

Tippmann eventually made the Cyclone feed system available as one of the Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades. It's a sweet little conversion kit that will eliminate your need for a battery powered paintball loader. Imagine never having to worry about batteries again?! The Cyclone Feed System runs off of your guns spend gases and can pack paintballs into your gun at a very high rate. It's a worth while feed system upgrade.

Air Management
The most obvious upgrade that comes to mind here is the addition of an expansion chamber. If your running CO2 it is a must! An expansion chamber takes any liquid CO2 and converts it to a gas state. This increases your guns gas efficiency and makes your shots more consistent.

If your running HPA, a vertical adapter and regulator can improve air efficiency and consistency. It's a little more pricey of an upgrade but the benefits are high. There are several designs and styles to choose from to fit your needs and playing styles.

Tippmann 98 Custom Internal Upgrades
Tippmann built the 98 with a good quality of internal parts that will last for many years. If your interested in adding on other 98 Custom upgrades though, you may find your firing rate limited by the weight of your internals. Reducing and or balancing the inter component weight will allow the gun to cycle faster and provide more air efficiency.

T-Tech offers a "Zero Kick" hammer that reduces weight and allows your Tippmann 98 Custom to respond better to other upgrades. After market seers, valves and ball detents are options you can add for further performance improvements to your marker.

Connecting your guns internals to an exterior rear cocking knob adds smooth looks and design function. New front site clips and blades allow a higher level of customization too. Internal mods are almost unlimited.

Appearance Kits
Camo graphics kits can be added to make your Tippmann 98 Custom a total tactical weapon. There are lots of dress up kits you can buy to make your 98 look like a AK47, M16 or other popular gun. Several kits include a "sniper" option for those interested in playing that roll. Individual components can be used as a mix and match option to build a very custom look making your Tippmann 98 very unique.

Tippmann 98 Sniper Rifle
If you do choose the sniper route, the Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades are limitless. Tippmann makes a series of sniper barrels with lengths of 16", 18" and beyond. Core even makes a 22" sniper barrel that has the look of a serious long range shooter.

The Flatline can also contribute to the snipers function by putting a ball 100 feet further than anyone else can return fire from. It maybe less accurate at closer range, but its distance cannot be argued!

A bi-pod is also a snipers best friend allowing you to set-up a shot on a steady surface, then when done, you can fold it in and move.

Setting up the right options to fit you as a sniper is easy. Many companies are very sniper focused and provide lots of upgrades for you.

Maintenance and Spare Parts
Being prepared means having maintenance and spare parts on hand. There is nothing worse than being at the field and getting left out because you weren't able to replaces a blown o-ring. There are a lot of kits for the Tippmann 98 Custom gun. O-ring kits are cheap and you should always have a spare set with you. Overall, maintenance it easy on the Tippmann 98 Custom.

Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades
You imagination is the only limit when building your gun. With so many paintball manufacturers providing Model 98 upgrades, it's a free for all world of looks and function. Start building your dream paintball gun now. Shop now for all of the Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades.

Most merchants offer free shipping on orders over $100. That can save you money and let you spend more on your game.

Many of these upgrades or systems are build into the body of other Tippmann Sports products, like the X7 and the Alpha Black.

Note that these should also work on the Platinum model too. We just didn't include the other markers in the product line for our reviews.

RAP4 and some other stores may offer packages on groups of upgrades.

Posted by Redwood on (May 27 2009)

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