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Invert Mini Paintball Gun

Invert Mini Paintball Gun

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The Invert Mini Paintball Gun has certainly earned its reputation as an icon in the sport of paintball. It is a very small and light weight marker that can deliver a fury of paintballs down field. Its soaring popularity has created a demand for aftermarket products that can take the guns performance to a whole new level. If you're in the market for a new paintball marker, the Invert Mini may be your answer.

The Mini's simple internals not only help it to remain as one of the lowest maintenance markers, but it also is a major contributor to its ability for reaching high rates of fire accurately and efficiently.

The Invert Mini Paintball Gun is Affordable and Simple

Invert Mini Olive

Olive Invert Mini Paintball Gun

Weighing in a just under 2 pounds, the Invert Mini is one of the lightest paintball guns available. It will shock you when you first start playing with it as to how much of a difference an ultra feather weight gun can make to your game. Moving from bunker to bunker or quickly switching your marker from one side of a bunker to the other will seem almost effortless.

The super advanced electronics board lets you custom set your gun to perform the way you need it to. Any number of preprogramed modes can be activated to make the gun comply with tournament league rules and regulations. Or the board can be opened up for maximum rate of fire to deliver welt punishment.

The clamping feedneck has the ever so popular Smart Parts Ion threads. And to make convenience even more in your face, the barrel threads are compatible with autococker threads. That should make buying upgrades for your Invert Mini Paintball Gun an affordable and almost unlimited experience.

Invert Mini Gun Blue Polished

Blue Polished Invert Mini

The air system is a great concept with the air running right from the ASA up the grip frame and into the solenoid area. There is no macro line or air line at all to get tangled up or leak. It's a self contained air system that helps deliver a simple and effective way to keep things moving.

The Invert Mini's break beam eyes are actually hard wired to the board. There are only two sets of wires in the whole gun. The wires to the battery and the wires to the solenoid. The battery is easily changed by dropping the front grip and the solenoid is quickly changed by unplugging it from the board and spinning it out 3 turns.

Besides being an extraordinarily sleek looking paintball gun, the Invert Mini is a top performer. And at only a little over $300 dollars, it's a sweet buy for any paintball player looking to raise a little hell for his competitors down field. If you're ready to step up to a strong tournament level marker, the Invert Mini Paintball Gun is definitely a worth while option for any level of play.

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Posted by Redwood on 07/20/2010(Updated:02/12/2013)

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