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Paintball Pistols Under 100 Dollars

piranha usp pistol

The Piranha USP Pistol
Price Check: Go!

There isn't a large selection of paintball pistols under 100 dollars. The industry doesn't exactly flood the market with pistols, let alone cheap pistols. Paintball manufacturers would rather spend their research and development on paintball guns. Full size guns are better selling and fit into a more accepted market. But, never fear! We too are big fans of having a paintball charged sidearm and we will explore the cheap pistol option with you.

There have been new entries in the paintball pistol market over the last couple of years. Tippmann released the TPX pistol and it has been widely accepted. The TPX, however, retails for over 200 dollars. It has quite a few desirable features as far as paintball pistols go. It uses a true magazine feed system that keeps the feel of a real gun. It also gives you the ability to remove the barrel easily, and several other manufacturers have produced different design and length barrels for you to choose from. It's a higher end pistol and you should expect to pay some where around $220 for the basic TPX pistol.

Kingman also recently released their 11mm(.43 cal) Kingman Training Pistols ~ the Eraser and Chaser models. The Eraser is a little higher priced at around 150 dollars and the Chaser comes in a little lower at $130. They are both great pistols and can be a lot of fun to shoot. Both are magazine fed and shoot using the 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

Tiberius Arms has made a name in paintball pistols also. Expect to pay 200 dollars for their 8.1 pistol and even more for the SOCOM model. They are life like and shoot very well. Tiberius has also created some very nice tactical holsters for their weapons, including the extra magazine holster.

Real Action created their brand of pistols that are styled a lot like the Kingman Training series. The Real Action pistols retail for closer to the 300 dollar mark and are available in an external or internal air design. They too shoot paintballs in the .43 caliber size.

So what is our pick for paintball pistols under 100 dollars? The popular Piranha USP pistol retails for around $69 and for another $10 it comes with a holster. It's a smart entry level pistol for the paintball player looking for a nice side arm to back up their main marker.

The Piranha is a semi-auto design that holds 9 rounds in the top mounted magazine. It shoots using 12 gram CO2 cartridges and has a built in anti-chop bolt design. The good news is that even at this cheap price, the pistol is constructed of an aerospace grade aluminum and has internal parts that are coated with a strong corrosion resistant teflon finish.

Check out the Piranha USP Paintball Pistol now.

Posted by Redwood on 3/15/10

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