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Planet Eclipse ETEK 3

Planet Eclipse ETEK 3

Price Check: GO!

Introducing the all new Planet Eclipse ETEK 3 paintball marker. It's a new ultra sleek designed gun with most of the features of the higher end EGO 10. The ETEK 3 remains an affordable option for the more value conscious player, and today we are all looking for a way to make our paintball dollar go further than before.

You know Planet Eclipse is considered one of the most accurate paintball marker manufacturers. This gun is truly build with this quality in mind. Many of the parts are constructed with a new design glass reinforced nylon that makes for a light weight and robust material that can stand up to more abuse than typical poly composites. The high grade aluminum body is finished in the trademark Planet Eclipse industrial hard anodizing. This thing sets new standards for a long service life.

The ETEK3s break beam eye system(components and software are the Ego BBSS) has many innovations that are new to the high tech paintball electronics world. It's firing rate management system won't leave you with a non-firing gun. It has the ability to sense faults and slow the gun down as needed, but continues to fire if possible. Even the clamping feed neck contributes to the smoothness of firing by being slightly offset and preventing balls from bouncing once they hit the bottom of their travel. In other guns, this can cause the ball to jump in and out of the eye systems range leaving you with a choppy gun.

Let's talk efficient air management systems. Planet Eclipse went way out of their way to give the ETEK3 series of markers an ultra dynamic air arrangement. The adjustable LPR is the same model used on the SL series and gives you very precise control with out the risk of over pressurization of the famed "minifold solenoid". It also contains a filter to keep dust and grim out of the internals. The S3 inline regulator helps keep the marker quickly recharging to keep you firing consistent shots.

The internals of this gun are everything you would expect in a high end tournament marker. Even though Planet Eclipse has given the ETEK3 a new smaller rammer housing, it's internal design keeps up with more robust systems. With the Zick kit reducing kick and softening initial impacts on the paintballs, your chance of breaking paint is considerably diminished. The Cure style bolt design is taken directly from the other Ego markers and is also a contributing factor to allowing more brittle paintballs to be fired from the gun at a high rate of fire with fewer incidences of breakage.

As you would expect, the fully adjustable self lubricating trigger is so advanced that you will never have to worry about upgrading it. It is a magnetic return design that creates an ultra smooth feel and is capable of serious rates of fire. The grip frame is built to promote an increased "walking the trigger" feel.

Planet Eclipse has always been on the leading edge of electronics in paintball. The ETEK3s' electronics board has 3 different colored LEDs that allow you to quickly program and see where the gun is set. It has many different firing modes as well as settings for dwell, cap rate of fire, debounce and it covers most tournament regulation firing modes.

For any serious tournament player on a reasonable budget, the Planet Eclipse ETEK3 is a full on high end paintball gun with a mid range price tag. It has cutting edge innovations and the components of other tournament markers that are priced much higher. This gun will provide you with a great tournament platform that will serve you for many years.

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Posted by Redwood

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