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A New Magfed Marker! Yipee!

Tippmann’s TCR is their latest entry into magfed paintball. The military style scenario marker is american made and being sold for around $350 at most retailers. Future upgrades for its modular design include body kits, air systems, stocks and feed system configurations.

Tippmann TCR

The TCR is based on Tippmann’s popular TiPX pistol. Its magazine well is compatible with First Strike rounds and has mags available in 7, 12, and 20(Zetamag) rounds. A quick release system is specifically designed for fast magazine changes. Also included is a removable clamping feedneck that may be used to convert the marker to hopper/loader feed.

Markers capable of using CO2 cartridges have been held back by the time it takes to swap them out when under fire, the TCR has a lightning fast cam system for on the fly changes. This should help keep you in the game without having to retreat to a safe location. It is also compatible with a remote tank through the hideable remote line adaptor.

Other great features of the TCR include a collapsible buttstock that has a built in extra magazine holder and an adjustable cheek rest, an 11 assault barrel, folding front vertical grip, and flip up sights. There are 4 Picatinny rails for mounting sights & accessories. Tippmann also includes their 2 year warranty.

If you’re a big Tippmann fan, or you’ve been looking for a solid magfed marker, the Tippmann TCR may be the one for you. With Tippmann hinting at some interesting modifications in the future the TCR may be a platform that will bring as much interest as some of their previous models.

Posted by Redwood on 06/05/2014