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Shots Per Fill Calculator(Beta)

This shots per fill tank size calculator is far from being precise. It will hopefully give you a rough idea of how many shots per fill you can expect out of your current tank/gun combination. The calculations are based on our real world experience and other accumulated data.

This is designed for calculations based on Nitrogen, HPA, or compressed air(Nitrogen maybe slightly more efficient). We haven't tried to use this system yet with CO2 - due to CO2's extreme variance based on ambient temperature and unpredictability with an increased rate of fire.

If you're not sure what level of efficiency to choose, start with a setting of 'average'. That will fit 80% of the HPA guns out there.

Note: "Total Shots" is considered to be the number of shots that the paintball marker will shoot maintaining a velocity of 280-300 feet per second.

If you have rational input that you would like to share with us on this resource, please use our contact form and let us know. Be sure to reference the Shots Per Fill Calculator. Thanks.

A big special thanks to The Code Jedi for all of your help with the coding.

Posted by Redwood on 05/17/2011

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