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MRX Magazine

MRX Magazine

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The MRX is Kingman's new magazine fed paintball marker. It can be switched between the magazine and a normal loader with the twist of the barrel. No tools or downtime required to make the change.

This military replica inspired marker has opened up a new price range of magazine fed availability for paintball players to get a taste of pure milsim action. The popularity of magazine only games has increased and the need for accessories and upgrades for this marker is huge.

Kingman Spyder MRX Replacement Magazines

The standard Kingman Spyder MRX paintball gun magazine will hold 10 rounds. With opponents shooting at you, it's difficult to reload your magazines in battle. You'll more than likely want to carry several additional magazines into play, as they can empty pretty quickly in the heat of a fire fight.

Many of us like to have a tactical vest with several magazine pouches quickly ready to reload our marker when we hear that tell-tale audible 'click' that screams, "RELOAD!" Quickly switching out your empty with a full load makes for a lot of realism military fun. That's the whole point of playing magazine fed only paintball games.

We've seen people go into battle with more magazines than anything else. Sometimes it looks a little hardcore, but those of us who like to shoot a lot can understand the need to be prepared. You have to balance how many mags' you carry on field with how much bulk, weight, and real estate you can sacrifice in your tactical harness or vest.

The great thing about the MRX magazines is that they can easily be switched out as well as any other manufacturers mag fed guns on the market. The magazine well is designed to operate smoothly with very little effort. With a little practice it makes for effortless reloads on field when the battle is heavy and the rounds are flying.

Kingman designed the MRX magazines to be easy to reload with paintballs. There is a lever with a notch that allows you to lock the spring down in the fully loaded position so you can simply pour the fresh paintballs into the opening. This keeps your downtime minimal between rounds.

We'd also very much recommend engraving or painting(model paint or something else you can write legibly and make permanent) your name and contact info on every magazine. You never know when you'll drop a mag' on field and forget to pick it back up. This way, if someone finds it laying around, or you have a lot of other friends with MRX guns, there will be no doubt who's magazine it is.

These mags' are the standard Kingman manufactured 10 round magazines designed for the MRX. They are aesthetically pleasing for any serious scenario player that wants a realistic milsim appearance. The design is similar the the Tracer/Eraser(.43 caliber) magazines, but they are not cross compatible.

If you're going for the full-on mag' look, you may want to purchase the Kingman MRX feed neck cover plate to show how hardcore you are about it. Kingman also sells several other accessories specifically inspired by the MRX, including: 18 and 16 inch sniper barrels, a laser sight, a red/green dot sight, detachable front grip, collapsible stock, tactical rails, top mount carry handle, a top sight mounting rail, and a combo carry handle with a sight mount.

All accessories are available on the Kingman website, but for the best prices we recommend looking at discounted retailers for your MRX Magazine.

Don't be left without ammo on the field, carry several magazines to keep yourself shooting!

Posted by Redwood on 04/02/2012

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