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Evil Pimp Paintball Gun

The Evil Pimp paintball gun is no more. You may be able to find them used on eBay. Scroll down for the listings.

evil pimp paintball gun

(unavailable new)

The Evil Pimp paintball gun is an ultra fast electro-pneumatic open bolt design. The light-weight magnesium and aluminum construction make it great for snap shooting. The many color combos and sleek appearance make this a real head turner.

An extremely adjustable trigger sensitivity and rate of fire are included on the easy to program version 7.0 electronics board. Other system adjustments include ball delay, break-beam sensitivity and bounce types.

The Evil Pimp electronics are totally programmable

The Evil Pimp also has an extreme air management system including the Evil Detonator 300psi low pressure vertical regulator and internal respirator that are adjustable from 150psi to 400psi. This keeps air consumption very efficient.

Internal paintball handling is managed by dual ball detents, a twist to lock Teflon bolt that eliminates an external visible bolt pin, and a chop proof magnesium covered eye system compatible with almost any color of paint.

The Pimp trigger frame is packed with a paintball players ideal features. The Evil grips keep your hands firmly planted on the magnesium adjustable trigger. The on/off bottom line and macro-line mount below the "tray-less" trigger frame.

The Evil Pimp comes with the Pimp Kit .689 back and a ultra sleek pipe barrel tip. Mounting the barrel is made easy by the built in centering o-ring. The Impulse barrel thread makes a huge selection of paintball barrels available for this gun.

The "short stack" feed tube is built to keep the paintball guns profile to a minimum. It mounts the hopper with a very flexible o-ring system. Different size o-rings are included for different size hoppers.

The Evil Pimp Paintball Gun is a great buy for the money and can be seen on many fields, be it tournament or scenario, ripping up its opponents! It's a super fast gun and one of the best looking.

Posted by Redwood

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