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Ollie Lang Dye DM9

OK, so this posting is a bit out of date. I've changed the links to just reflect Dye Paintball Guns.

ollie lang dye dm9

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Disgusting! What more needs to be said about the new Ollie Lang Dye DM9 paintball gun. This thing takes paintball to a whole new level. Imagine the laser beam ropes of paintballs you can stream down the field with this little monster. How much respect do you think you'd get on the field, or the looks you'd get from competitors when waiting in the staging area. If this gun doesn't earn you some serious fear, nothing will.

Ollie Lang puts the DM9 on steroids!!

What happens when you take a standard already fast DM9 and tell Ollie to pump it up? You get a nasty paintball slinging machine with capabilities of world domination. The improvements to this weapon include internal ups and external appearance beautification.

The custom laser etching and Ironman emblems make this paintball gun very unique. The sharp 3D milling not only looks sick but helps reduce the guns weight. The Ollie Lang DM9 is available in several very striking color combinations.

Ollie also decided to install a Billy Wing soft tip bolt kit to make it even more gas efficient and increase its cycle rate. An improved cam lock feed neck helps you to quickly install or remove your hopper for storage, cleaning or maintenance. Don't forget about the programmable LED Virtue board that you can set up to deliver unheard of rates of fire.

Check out the Ollie Lang DM9 now.

Posted by Redwood

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