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With the increase of dedicated tournament paintball teams, the serious competitors are buying paintball bunkers for their practice fields. Most start out by purchasing a pair of bunkers that can be set up and used for snap shooting drills. Then when the success of these practices is felt, usually a full set of paintball bunkers is purchased. The difference between 1st and last place at any given tournament can be determined by a teams practice dedication.

Many of the popular Air Bunker manufacturers are building more affordable sets that are both tough and easy to set up. Keeping your bunkers clean is also very important. Letting paint soaked inflatable bunkers sit out in the sun can bake the cheap paintballs into the material, permanently staining them. Most come with patch kits for repairing punctures or to reinforce anchor points that can get damaged by wind and an occasional over zealous bunker dive.

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The shapes and sizes available will duplicate almost any paintball field you can come across. There are a few fields that have custom bunkers built, but most of these can be mimicked by combining other shapes and sizes. Another huge advantage can be had by finding out what a tournament field is going to look like before the event, duplicate it and run team drills on it as often as time allows.

Cheap paintball bunkers are available now at most major online paintball retailers. You can buy a whole set or individual bunkers at a very reasonable cost. Get your team ahead of the competition today by purchasing Paintball Bunkers now...

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Posted by Redwood

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