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Paintball Laser Sight

Paintball Laser Sight

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Put the paintball where you want it with a Paintball Laser Site. Being able to put a red dot on your opponent and deliver a paintball right to that spot can be a very big advantage in this sport. Every element of accuracy that you can put in your favor will make you that much more dominant of a player. Using a paintball laser sight will greatly increase your chances of hitting the target.

Take an Unfair Advantage with a Paintball Laser Site

You can mount the paintball laser site directly to the under side of your barrel with the included mount. It keeps the laser securely attached and out of your way until you need it. Then a simple switch on and your painting your target!

The light weight aircraft quality aluminum bracket attaches to any standard paintball barrel with a couple of easy screws. The extremely high powered laser can reach as far as 500 yards down range to project a nice welcome bullseye onto your intended recipient of your paintball. You've never had more fun!

This great way to enhance your game play is catching on across fields all over the place. Scenario event players are finding a paintball laser site can be fun and increase their "kill count". It's a very affordable way to effectively improve your paintball game.

Check out a Paintball Laser Sight now.

Posted by Redwood

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