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PMI has given us some great paintball equipment over the years. Believe it or not, they started in 1981 and continue to contribute with their affordable priced markers. Their Black Maxx and GTI guns are some of the more commonly found in the Paintball World. They also introduced us to the programmable electronic chip many years ago with the multi-mode Rampage Board.

The GTI is usually available as a strictly mechanical operating system or as an electronic firing gun with the Rampage board. This battery saving firing control board has an adjustable rate of fire from 15-25 balls per second and includes the Turbo and Ramping modes. Dwell and de-bounce are also adjustable and there are SPPL, NXL, PSP tournament legal modes.

The GTI is One of Piranha Paintball Guns Top Sellers

Piranha Paintball Guns can run on CO2 or standard high pressure air. The air management is efficiently handled by Teflon coated internals.

Piranhas' have lots of upgradeable parts and can be easily setup for tournaments or scenario style play. Barrels, grips and sights can be added to match your playing style for what ever comes your way.

Piranha Paintball Guns are a great option for an entry to mid level player looking to stand out of the crowd. They are a reliable gun and with a Rampage Board, they are capable of high rates of fire. Putting yourself behind one of these guns could take your game up to the next level.

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