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Tactical Paintball Vest

tactical paintball vest

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Any serious scenario player knows his success can be hinged on how prepared he is when walking onto the field. A good tactical paintball vest can help bring the items you need to the fight and make sure your prepared for battle. With countless accessories and extra ammo needed for a long term mission, a tactical paintball vest that you can rely on is a much needed tool.

A good Tactical Paintball Vest will give you an edge

Carrying your equipment into battle can be made easy with a great vest design. A good tactical paintball vest will hold the items you need in an organized manner for quick access. Durability and ventilation are also key to keeping you fresh and ready for battle.

Gen X has been bringing affordable tactical vests to the paintball field for years. Their lightweight construction doesn't bulk you down but provides enough utility to hold your tank and several pods in addition to the tools and gear needed for a strong assault.

FirePower tactical paintball vests include a hydration system bladder, a radio pouch and a mesh liner to keep you cool. Firepower are priced a little more but are Molle compatible so you are able to add your own components as you see fit.

The Core Operations tactical paintball vest is a great load bearing design with a mid to lower price range. It's tough nylon construction has a heavy duty mesh base to support all the accessories you can throw at it. It's not only adjustable but comes with a 6+2 design quick eject pod carrying system.

Most tactical paintball vests come with loops, d-rings and Velcro pockets for all the tools and accessories you will ever need. Finding the style and design that fits your pocket book will be your biggest challenge. There are a lot of models available to fit any serious scenario player.

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Posted by Redwood

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