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RAP4 Strikeforce Paintball Vests

rap4 strikeforce paintball vest camo

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RAP4's Strikeforce paintball vests are fast becoming a huge hit on paintball fields all over the world. As one of the largest vest dealers for paintball, RAP4 has been listening to feedback and producing the vests and accessories that players are seeking.

The Strikeforce series of vests seriously delivers a tough base design that can be built onto and changed over the years with your style of play. You could start out buying a lower priced version(starting prices from $30-$35), and only attach the necessities. Then, add a pouch, hydration bladder, or radio pocket at a later time. It won't be long before you have built yourself a full on tactical assault harness that will take you into any battle.

Carry everything you need into battle
with a RAP4 Strikeforce Paintball Vest

rap4 strikeforce paintball vest interior view

Internal Pockets and Hydration Pouch

One of the coolest things we like about the Strikeforce vests is the ability to size it to the player. As we get older, we've tended to put on a few "marriage" pounds ;-). It's nice to have a vest that was comfortable then and we were able to increase its diameter as ours increased. The rugged side laces are the key to this. It's not some stretch material that feels too tight, but a completely ergonomic adjustment that you can comfortably set to fit you perfectly. However, the vest comes in two sizes; regular, that fits small and up to 1X. And a large size that fits 2X to 4X+.

The vest has several MOLLE expansion areas and several Velcro areas to add on your favorite utilities as you see fit. These things are seriously set up for total custom configuration.

Also available is a cross-draw pistol holster that allows you to keep your side arm at easy accesses on the front of your vest for those emergency uses when the battle gets too close for normal fire arms.

strikeforce paintball vest basic black

Basic SWAT Black Vest

Another huge benefit of the RAP4 Strikeforce paintball vest is its ability to act as a two point sling for your main fire arm. It can be easily attached or unattached. In this harness, your gun can also be fired with limited mobility when the need arises. The key element of this harness system is to free up your hands by taking the weight of the gun and securely distributing it over the vest. This can allow you to read a map or access tools or your radio.

As mind boggling as the huge selection of configurations is, the amount of available camo patterns and colors are just as unbelievable. No matter what your camouflage look is, they can take care of you. Most of us go for the standard OD green or one of the digital camouflages,, but you are free to choose what works for you.

By the way, if you are a lefty like I am, you can easily optimize this vest to work for you. In a world of right handed paintball equipment, it's nice to have something as important as your tactical vest be configurable for you.

rap4 strikeforce paintball vest mod pouches

The Strikeforce MOD Pouches

As an option, the Strikeforce vest is also designed to be used with a RAP4 tactical belt for more stability and configurations. You can use the belt in conjunction with leg holsters or other pouches.

They even have an internal zipper pocket to keep your wallet and other valuables completely safe and out of harms way while you focus on playing paintball.

No matter what kind of paintball player you are, the RAP4 Strikeforce paintball vest can help make your playing experiences more enjoyable and efficient. This vest will serve you well for many years to come and allow you to continually build and reconfigure its accessories to match your changing playing style. Consider the purchase as an investment in your paintball future.

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Posted by Redwood on 05/20/2010

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