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Tippmann 98 Flatline Barrel

tippmann 98 flatline

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What could the Tippmann 98 Flatline Barrel do for me? Imagine walking through the woods on the stalk for opponents with your paintball gear fully ready to go. Suddenly a paintball from nowhere comes flying in and WHAP! Your out!?! Where did that paintball come from? Your teammates around you are searching for the source, but one by one they too get picked off by an unknown assailant from nowhere. Now, turn the tables and imagine your the hidden sniper taking out other players from a distant unseen location. Too far for them to return fire.

Tippmann 98 Flatline Barrel out reaches all others

If your shooting a Tippmann 98, you probably already know what the Flatline Barrel can do. Now is the time to buy the Flatline and improve your ability to reach beyond others. The design adds 100 feet of flat trajectory onto your shots. This will help you to play in heavy wooded canopy vegetation. Even within range of normal barrels, many can't shoot through trees and brush without a arc. This can cause a good portion of the shots to hit branches and debris. The Tippmann 98 Flatline Barrel will shoot the ball straight on your line of sight, under trees and over the brush. The result, more of your shots landing where you're looking.

The new Tippmann 98 Flatline Barrel design has a quick thread system that makes for an easy installation that will get you playing faster. The basics of the Flatline haven't changed, it's still the curved barrel that puts backspin on your paintball to give you unmatched distance. The barrel fits all Tippmann 98 models and comes with a pull-through squeegee, a barrel sock and a Picatinny rail shroud.

Check out a Tippmann 98 Flatline Barrel now.

Posted by Redwood

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