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Tippmann Flatline Barrel

The Tippmann Flatline Barrel is an incredible design idea from Tippmann Products. It gives the paintball player an ability to reach out through canopy woods and shoot 100ft farther than a typical barrel design. First introduced for the model 98, it's commonly spotted now on the A-5 paintball marker. Some people have actually made kits to attach the Flatline to other markers. Some die hard woodsballers can be seen with a Flatline barrel on their autococker! What a perversion of nature to see that!

The design creates a backspin on the ball and eliminates the need to arch the ball to hit targets far away. The straight line projection also eliminates the risk of over hanging trees to hit and destroy the paintball. Many paintballers complain of the poor accuracy of the barrel, while others feel the convenience out weighs the downfall. Some players can even be seen switching paintball barrels during game play; the Flatline for long distances and an accurate barrel for a close intense fire fight. Although the Flatline is very difficult to change on the model 98, it's a quick change barrel on the Tippmann A-5. Typically priced around 100 dollars, it's a great upgrade for and serious woodsballer. Most people report Marballizer paintballs do well in the Flatline barrel. Also, a velocity of 270-280fps helps the accuracy. Beyond that the paintballs tend to spin to the left or right. A paintball with a smaller diameter than a typical bore match helps too. With a reported .692 barrel diameter it should be hard to find paintballs smaller. The Tippmann Flatline Barrel system is a great upgrade for a woodsballer and highly recommended by Wolfpack Paintball Teams.

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Posted by Redwood on 09/20/06

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