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Cheap Paintball Masks

cheap paintball masks

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When it comes to buying a paintball mask, saving money is OK, but buying the cheapest mask will get you mad quickly. Getting stuck with a fogging mask will frustrate you. Don't worry about it though, because many of the top paintball online retailers have deals on cheap paintball masks with free shipping that you can take advantage of.

Always shop for a mask with a thermal lens and full face coverage. Safety definitely should be your primary consideration when buying a mask. How does it fit on your face? Does it cover your chin and ears? Will the lens fog up and block your field of vision? Don't buy a cheap quality mask!

Which Cheap Paintball Masks Do We Recommend?

vForce Grill Mask

vForce Grill Mask

VForce makes a couple of really good masks that are affordable and should be seriously looked at. They are medium priced - high end masks, but are the type of mask that will provide you with the highest level of protection and enjoyment of play.

The VForce Grill is their newest mask(as of this writing), it offers a light weight chassis with a very wide angle of unrestricted view. With its direct venting around the mouth area, the Grill is a great choice if you're always yelling to your teammates. We'd also recommend getting yourself a spare foam insert and change it between rounds. It pops in and out easily and is amazing how refreshing it feels to have a fresh/dry foam replacement. The wet one should dry by the next round and can be quickly alternated back in next round.

The VForce Profiler is another great mask that has come down in price over the last couple of years. It offers features that have become the standard for high end masks. The extra room behind the lens helps keep the fogging to an absolute minimum. This goggle system has graced the face of most Wolfpack players at one time or another over the years and we definitely have no problems recommending the Profiler to anyone.

Both masks provide players with lots of room and a quick release lens for between round cleaning. These masks are affordable and will provide you with years of strong service.

JT Full Coverage Masks

JT Full Coverage Masks

JT makes a very reputable product that has been populating paintball fields for many years. The important thing with JT is that you need to make sure you buy a model with a thermal lens. The Spectra Thermal Pro Shield offers a great lens with replaceable foam. If you're looking for full head protection, then the Flex 8 or the Full Carnivore masks will take care of your melon.

One of the huge pluses of JT is the ability to add a fan to the mask and evacuate the heat and moisture that hard playing creates. The result? No fog! It runs on a single AAA battery and JT claims a 30 hour run time. It is said to take a pretty good beating and survive. The fan motor can be run to blow fresh air in or in the reverse direction to draw hot moist air out.

JT also has a lot of accessories/replacement parts that you can create a mix and match look for your mask with different straps, ear pieces, ect. We've seen some pretty crazy creations over the years with JT masks. They are a great mask to shop for if it's in your price range.

Save Phace Dope Lazarus Mask

Save Phace Dope Lazarus Mask

Save Phace
The Save Phace masks are a true blast of originality that provide you with a very unique look. Most of their models are affordable and they offer several tactical and camo patterns. If you're a woodsballer the graphics will happily hide you until you're ready to spring with total intimidation on your prey. Of course Save Phase did intend for their masks only to be worn in the woods. Their graphic designs will make any speedballer look like a mad man with a serious passion for blazing balls down-field at opponents.

The Save Phace Diss series is usually found for under $50 bucks and comes with an anti-fog and anti-scratch thermal lens. There are several good looking deigns in the Diss series for you to choose from.

They also have their Dope series of masks that come with some sick graphics. Save Phase also gave the Dope masks a thermal lens to keep your vision clear even in the most demanding boiler situations. If high quality cheap paintball masks are what your looking for it's definitely worth looking into either of these.

Summing it up
There are a ton of other name brands that you could search through for the cheap deals, but the above brands and models are the best masks we've encountered for the money. Don't skimp on getting a good tactical mask or you will regret it. Buy quality and your enjoyment of the game will be much higher. Cheap paintball mask or not, it's important to protect your eyes/face and maintain a properly working lens with a good field of view. The choice is up to you.

Shop high quality cheap paintball masks now.

Posted by Redwood on 06/29/2011

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